buy Instagram Followers in 2015

Buy Instagram Followers

Where to buy Instagram Followers in 2015 ?

buy Instagram Followers in 2015

Social networks are no longer the place where photos are uploaded and States on various topics are posted and each day that passes they become more powerful. Today they have become a highly sought after, and profitable means become the economic livelihood of many people mehr instagram followers .

Danielle Bernstein is an editor of fashion benefit seen by social networks, and in particular instagram, because it created an account which was able to have 900 thousand followers, each one would mean an income for your pocket buy instagram followers.

“I don’t like to talk about money, but it’s more than what you have imagined winning at this age. I keep my same. Saving, invest and try to learn how to manage it wisely”, Danielle told the newspaper El Pais buy ig followers.

Account @Weworewhat has led you to this blogger very high gains by having thousands of followers. Many brands of clothes, accessories and make-up pay up to three million pesos by the publication of photos and recommendation of products on instagram account.

22-year-old has shared more than six thousand photographs in your account, in which advertise brands like Chanel, Zara and PD Paola Jewelry products.

What is surprising is that the account already has more than one million followers, figure that will increase prices for publications. This is a great service for germany users follower kaufen auf instagram represents a great opportunity for all germany IG users instagram Follower kaufen schon ab 20 euros.

Today would be stupid to deny the power of social networks. All businesses rub shoulders for the attention of the public on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Worldwide, it is known that several artists and celebrities have millions of followers. However, Colombia still we didn’t have a picture clear about who had more fans or what were the most shared post. Now, according to a comScore research, we know which are the most popular on Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts with more followers.

Let’s start with the most popular social network in the world: Facebook. According to Shareablee, the social networks of comScore analytics platform, the page most popular on Facebook in Colombia is the Atletico Nacional, adding a little less than 5 million total shares (which includes posts, shares, likes and comments). Then comes the time page, followed by Gol Caracol, El Espectador and finally Canal RCN Nuestra Tele. The most popular post is the sexy math teacher, who had 291.491 likes, 15.261 comments and shared 30.232.

The business of purchasing Instagram Followers

This is without a shadow of doubt the best time to buy instagram followers online. On Twitter, the media also get most on the podium. Best score of Colombia’s El Espectador, exceeding 200,000 total shares. Big brother Bill (the study does not designate which account is) is a little below, occupying second place. Time, Club Atlético Nacional and Gol Caracol close the top five. The tweet had more action is the magazine see a digital celebrity: 1,838 retuits and 6,450 favorites.

Instragram has a peculiarity: the strongest accounts are those of football teams. Club Atlético Nacional, the Colombia selection and Independiente Santa Fe occupy the top three positions in the ranking of total shares. Then come two clothing brands: Mattelsa and Maaji Swimwear The post with more actions was one of Falcao: got 19.047 likes and 98 comments. This shows that the Colombian people are crazy about football.

In addition, traditional media have managed to maintain their status within the social networks. However, the content shows that we still preferring light content. What that represents to society I leave to you.