VPN characteristics and how to protect your privacy online


Netflix starts to block that Europeans with a proxy or VPN features the video store in a country other than their home country.

Posts on forums, discussion groups and news sites last weekend, make it clear that Netflix the VPN-blockade has extended to Europe. Users in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and England report that they no longer a proxy with Netflix in another country. Also start the first reports in Netherlands to serve, turn out here some proxies already close and others not yet.

It sat there for a year to arrive that Netflix this measure went. This brings the company owners of intellectual property. They saw that users in one country with a proxy switched to Netflix in another country in order to be able to see certain movies or series anyway. Not all movies and series appear in all countries on Netflix. In Germany, for example, are ‘ Orange is the new black “and” House of Cards “in the shelves. Tv networks have the rights to broadcast. That may also explain why Netherlands such a comparatively small range.

The founder of the Pirate Party Rick Falkvinge expresses the sentiment of many subscribers with: “exclude Vpns calls piracy does not return. This is about keeping out paying customers who want to access a service to their preference. ” Not the VPN customers rarely pay a subscription for the proxy service. More than thirty thousand Netflixklanten on Open media signed a petition with which they express their opposition to the blockade practices.


The business VPN box Danielak, emerged from a Kickstarter project, has closed deals with three VPN providers to about in the world to offer connectivity. Aike Müller and Friso Schmid have agreements with PureVPN, Le VPN and ProXPN. Thereby they can with danielak wireless access to 1,250 servers in more than 160 countries.

Danielak is a box that allows the user to internet safety can. In cafés, at companies, at stations or airports or other public places are looking for danielak to available internet signal, Wi-Fi. Once he has found, he makes connection to the internet and put a secure tunnel to a VPN provider. Who causes the user safe and virtual in the country of your choice online. Danielak sends itself a secure WiFi signal to the devices of its owner. Because of the built-in battery the device also acts as a charger for smartphones and tablets.

VPN providers listed are known for their zero logging policy. The usage history of its customers will not be saved. In addition, the connections are encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Danielak itself also keeps the customer information and internet data separated from each other. With a view to privacybewuste customers. Around this time begins Danielak the shipment of internet orders. It then searches the company also connection to the physical sales channel.